Monday, August 20, 2007

River City High School (aka James Marshall High)

James Marshall High School home of the "Wildcats" was built in 1954. In 1979, it was consolidated with Washington High School to form River City High School. Photo by Barbara Smith

Class of 64'- A four year high school, our graduating class had over 300 students. We had open campus and could walk home for lunch. The Marshall Wildcats belonged to the Golden Empire League--and had championship football, track and baseball teams. Principal was Mr. Lockhart and the yearbook was named the "Argonaut". We painted our names on the street in front of the high school to celebrate our graduation. It as the "hards" vs the "surfers" boyfriend had a Chevy Nomad station wagon with a surfboard mounted on top.
On Friday nights we all would hang out at Kelly's Drive-in and order suicide cokes--then drive in to Sacramento to cruise K Street. The kids from our side of the river had the reputation of being "BAD" back then. On Saturday nights we would go to the Old State Fair Grounds to the dances held at the Governor's Hall to dance and enter the dance contests. At the end of the night, the fighting would start. We had to duck down to keep from getting hit with folding chairs being thrown across the room. When the Paddy Wagon pulled up at the door everyone scrammed and it usually drove off with a fair amount of "West Sac, Broderick and Bryte kids" loaded inside. On Sundays we would beg for a ride out to Helvetia Park on the old River Road to Woodland. After our swim we would eat the home made French fries from the snack bar.

Do you have a memory of going to this high school? If so, please add your comment.


Anonymous said...

Where is the picture of Washington High School? Now Golden State Jr. High...

Ken said...

I went to James Marshall HS as a freshman back in 1966/67. From there we moved to Helvetia Park and were the care takers for a year as I went to Woodland HS as a sophomore. My mom ran the snack bar and I was the lifeguard for the swimming pool. I'm retired now and travel the USA by motorhome.
Kenny Sallee

Gordon said...

I attended Marshall High from 62 to 65 and lived out W.Capital Ave. in the big trailer court out by Capital Speedway (which is now under the interchange)with many other classmates. My parents fled CA to move to NV which left me with my senior year at a new school in Reno. I recently went to W.Sac looking for the JMHS and found that it is now River City. Wow, what a change. I did find someone at the school district that knew where to direct me, went to River City and found some of the old year books from my era of which they let me make copies of some pages.
Now living in rural NV, retired from city and state service, now working part-time at the local hospital in the la

Cap'n Kenny said...

Gordon I used to live out there in that trailer park too. When they started tearing it down, dad moved us to the Capri Trailer Park. The laundry room was disasembled and moved out to Helvetia Park and used as their snack bar.
Kenny Sallee

Bill Lee said...

I was born in BRYTEin 1937 then we were known as the river rats, I belong to the first graduating class in 1955, we started everything at that school,we set all the standards,we were the smallest class ever to graduate from James Marshall High,,