Sunday, April 25, 2010

Joe's Giant Orange--Shasta Lake, CA

Thank you Ken Jourdan for sharing these photos of Joe's Giant Orange in Lake Shasta, CA. Joe's is one of the few remaining Giant Orange Stands in California. Per Ken: "The part behind the front door was added a number of years ago and remodeled when Joe bought it. You can see the openings in the Orange where they used to serve out of when it was built. I don't think they have been used since the freeway was put in and it was moved from the corner. (Less that 100yds.) We were told that this was the last one since the one near Chowchilla was hit by the truck; but the web site Weird California shows some others."

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Eve said...

I'm pretty sure the one in Dixon is still there. I see it from the freeway when I drive up to Sacramento.