Monday, January 10, 2011

The Senator Garage-Golden Eagle Gas

The old Senator Garage building, 521 C Street was built in 1915 and is on the list of historical sites and buildings in West Sacramento. Golden Eagle was the California brand for Wasatch Oil Company of Utah which was later acquired by Ultramar.

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Anonymous said...

Golden Eagle superseded Sunset Oil Company, they had a joint GE/Sunset credit card at least in the 1950's, and Golden Eagle issued a map of the west coast in 1953 (Sunset seems to have stopped issuing maps in 1946).. They used the 'Eagle' name in the northwest, perhaps out of deference to whatever relationship they had with Wasatch. Branded stations at least in California with the Golden Eagle name at least into the 1980's when conversion to Ultramar. Ultramar expanded by purchasing the remaining Douglas/Fast Gas/Econo network from Conoco in the late 80's...And of course, Beacon as well.