Thursday, March 3, 2011

Willie DaPrato, West Sacramento Icon

It was such a treat to run into Willie DaPrato at the VFW Post in West Sacramento today. 15th Street Fitness is now located in the building that old timers in West Sacramento fondly remember as Willie's Market. When we were kids we would hang out at the store and pester owner "Willie" DaPrato. Willie was kind of the neighborhood guidance counselor and I think he hired many of those kids to work in his store to get them off the streets. Some folks might remember that Willie was elected to be the first mayor of West Sacramento, but the vote to incorporate our city Willie never served. It was nice to see you Willie!


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Anonymous said...

Didn't Willies Market start out in a quonset hut? I remember a quonset hut store at that location before the new store was built.

I remember the penny candy machines in front of Willie's Market that would take penny sized twiddly winks.

You could buy a bottled Coke for ten cents. You didn't have to pay the 3 cent deposit if you drank it outside then brought the bottle back inside.