Monday, September 24, 2007

Bridge to Bridge

This photo was shot from the Pioneer Bridge overlooking the riverfront area to be redeveloped in West Sacramento. The building in the left of center is the old Rice Grower's Association which is on the list of Historic Sites and Buildings in West Sacramento.

Notice the Tower Bridge elevated in the background. It will be closed Sept. 17 through Nov. 20 to all vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic while they work on widening the pedestrian walkways on both sides. Since the River Cats came to town there is lots of foot traffic crossing the bridge.

The view to the south shows the notorious "Tank Farm's" on the riverfront . The City of West Sacramento envisions the 200-acre "Pioneer Bluffs" area becoming a mixed-use community and removing the tanks is key to that. It has been proposed that these tanks be relocated to the Port of Sacramento.
Photo by Barbara Smith

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