Monday, June 9, 2008

The William Stone Locks Building at the Port of Sacramento

These photos were taken while driving across the Bascule Bridge over the Barge Canal on Jefferson Blvd. in West Sacramento. The bridge was built 1961 and was rehabilitated in 2005. The top photos are the old Locks and bottom photo shows the Palamidessi bridge to the west.

The Stone Lock will soon emerge as a waterfront hot spot. According to reports in the Sacramento Bee, "Scrubby and obscure for years, the 200-acre site lies at a fortuitous point where the Port of Sacramento barge canal meets the Sacramento River.......the city of West Sacramento finalized an exclusive agreement with The Cordish Company to begin planning and designing Stone Lock as its master developer". ~Barbara

Trivia: When we were kids, my dad docked his boat at Miller Park and he would take us through the locks to get to Lake Washington.

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Anonymous said...

Has the lock been opened lately? That would be a great way to get from Sacramento the SF.