Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the Company of Crows

Bryan Miller shot this photo of a crow helping a neighbor clean his car mats. Bryan said "this crow insists on being within feet of me while I'm doing yard work---literally on my lawnmower at one point."

According to researchers, the bold behavior of these pesky crows is not unusual and it is most likely being fostered by a human in the neighborhood who is feeding them. For more information on the evolution of crow - human interactions see this publication: In the Company of Crows and Ravens

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√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I spent about 40 years trying to get a family of crows to land in my backyard. The original parents and offspring came and went wherever crows go when the depart this life. Then about 3 years ago I got them to land and was able to watch them over several weeks. They came, ate, enjoyed themselves and then moved on. I did get the photographs of them and they are still among the best bird photographs I ever took. Now, of a morning, I can hear the family calling each other and sometimes I can see them coming or going but they do not return here.

They gave me that honor once and that is all you get in one lifetime. I guess. This man is extra fortunate and must pray a lot.