Friday, September 5, 2008

Saturday morning yard sale at Jefferson and Higgins

Saturday morning yard sale at--so many interesting finds and I personally love to search out unique treasures. Officials in West Sacramento are considering an ordinance limiting how many garage sales residents can hold. Maybe it is time for the city to sponsor a flea market for our community sellers!

Around the region, ordinances on residential yard sales vary:

• Sacramento has a limit of one per calendar year, not to exceed two consecutive days.
• Sacramento County allows up to three sales per year at the property where the sale operator resides. The sale may not exceed two consecutive days.
• Folsom limits residents to two garage sales a year.
• Citrus Heights limits a parcel to no more than three sales per year, of no more than two consecutive days.
• Rancho Cordova allows three sales a year, of no more than six straight days.
• Elk Grove allows three weekends a year.

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