Sunday, January 11, 2009

The River's Edge Bar and Grill

Owners of the River's Edge Bar and Grill are Robert and Nataliya Villareal.
Teresa Correa was our mixologist for this evening- and she also kept the wood fire burning in their cozy lounge area.

The River's Edge has plenty of room for dancing and live music in the restaurant area.

Below is the old tall sign that was removed because it was in violation of the new City of West Sacramento Sign Ordinance that was enforced in 2008.

Folks who have lived in West Sacramento for many years will probably remember when this building housed "Johnny's Time Out" owned by John Lopes of West Sacramento. It was a popular dance spot during the disco era and had a raised dance floor with lights that kept time to the beat of the music. On display in the bar were photos of John's brother, the legendary world ranked lightweight boxer Joey Lopes.

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Boise Diva said...

That's a cute place, and a real wood fire - wow.