Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A sad statement for the new Westmore Oaks Campus

As most of you know the old James Marshall High/River City High School campus is now home to the K-8 Westmore Oaks School. Here is a picture of what Washington Unified School District has allowed to happened to the gym. Evidently they don't have enough money to repair damage done to the gym from a fire several years ago. The gym smells terrible now...musty.. like an old basement from being used for storage. I did hear from an ex district employee that there might be funds earmarked for repairs to the gym. But right now this campus has a huge student (over 800) population that has no activity area on rainy days. This property is all that is left of my alma mater...and this makes me sad!


Christy Jourdan said...

Thank you for posting this. If you're an alumnus of James Marshall or River City, I hope you'll make some noise. As I understand it, the gym was positioned as one of the benefits of moving the K-8 students from a small and charming elementary school campus to a large, institutional-looking former high school campus.

Anonymous said...

It was also supposed to be one of the main gyms for hosting the volleyball & basketball games district wide. Right now the gyms used are Stonegate & Riverbank. I'm hoping the funding that is available through Lowe's comes through, because I don't think the school district has it themselves.

Anonymous said...

West Sacramento has such beautiful mid-century modern schools, It's a shame the WUSD is run so poorly. West Sac deserves better.