Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beat the Heat: Hawaiian Shaved Ice at Blue Blizz

With temperatures reaching 106 in the valley this week...Samantha, Blue Blizz Frozen Yogurt employee, makes a Hawaiian Shaved Ice for customer Robert. When we were kids we called them Snow Cones and my favorite place to buy one was Helvetia Park!
In Cuban neighborhoods, they are known as "granizados"
In Puerto Rican neighborhoods, they are named "Piragua"
In Mexico, California, Texas and the Southwestern United States,they are called a raspado.
In the Dominican Republic they are called "frío frío"
In Guatemala(Central America) they are called "Granizada"


Christy Jourdan said...

A tidbit - I spoke to Marla, owner of Blue Blizz, and found out that the Davis Farmers' Market was interested in having shave ice, but that they didn't want any imitation colors/flavors. Marla has created four all-natural flavors from scratch that she'll feature at the Farmers' Market and at Blue Blizz:

A lime/mint (because she likes mojitos!), a watermelon/basil, a fresh strawberry, and something else that I can't remember.

NOTE TO WEST SACRAMENTANS: Blue Blizz Frozen Yogurt is the Sponsor of the 2010/2011 Westmore Oaks K-8 School PTA! Every PTA membership purchased will come with a free 3oz Fro-Yo from Blue Blizz!

Another reason to support your local businesses - they support the community!

Anonymous said...

Where R they? I remember Helvetia. I think it's owned by the County now?

Anonymous said...

Where is blue bizz? In my mom's neighborhood (broderick) the guy comes around pushing the cart -- shaved ice for one dollar.

I swam at Helvetia too, I think it is owned by the County now -- lots of trailers last time I took a spin through the place