Friday, July 16, 2010

West Sac Girls All Stars: 2010 District 6 Champions

De'Onna Jack shares these great pix from the West Sac Girls All Star playoff game. De'Onna comments: "I don't care who you are are where you are, this was a heck of a game. Wow! N.CA Dist 6 Little League Softball Gm 11-12 div. West Sac Girls vs Rio Linda Girls in Championship Gm. If Rio Linda wins they push it to an if game, if WS wins, it's all over & they win. Well, by the second inning, Rio Linda was ahead 8-0. WS came back and fought with so much heart, they tied the game in 5th inning, held Rio scoreless in 6th and came up bot of 6th, 1 out runner on 2nd & Alexis Bennie hits a shot, Jade scores, game over...West Sac Wins. 9-8...What a game. Hat's off to Rio Linda they played a heck of a game. Here is just one exciting picture of the Manager Mr Rob Dodd. MFGBDJ"

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