Monday, February 28, 2011

Remnants of Lighthouse Golf Course

Robert Peffer shared this "not-yet-developed" part of the old Lighthouse Golf Course just west of Fountain Drive. Robert said "Who would have suspected that there would still be relics of the old golf course?". Personally, I loved that course as that is where I took my first golf lesson years ago when it was called Riverbend Golf Course...

Flowering Plums on Kegle Drive

Robert Peffer sent this photo of the beautiful flowering plum trees on Kegle near Tabor. Robert said he has lived in West Sacramento for several years now, loves our city and feels his Broderick neighborhood is an under-appreciated gem. Thanks Robert, and we totally agree!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Whitey's Jolly Kone

Thank you Claudia Parks for sharing this photo of the Whitey's sign. Claudia said "I had a mother/daughter dinner date there last night :) My daughter is 6 and loves Whitey's. I took a picture of the sign and it came out so cool! I did not enhance the color or anything. Our dinner was good, and the total for both of us together was $6. Can't beat that!

Claudia Parks of Southport area

The Guinness Gals at Streets of London

Russ enjoyed the sample of Guinness Extra Stout the gals were passing out at the Streets of London Pub Friday night. He said the the beer was so delicious he didn't notice the short skirts!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Party Dancing at the OLG Crab Feed

Thank you D'Niece Garcia Hall for sharing this great photo of the dance party at the Our Lady of Grace Crab Feed last weekend. If you are like our family, you can hardly waiting for "Crab Feed Season" each year...and we think OLG puts on a great one. Dungeness Crab is especially meaty, delicious and plentiful this year so be sure and buy tickets to support your favorite non-profit and enjoy...all you can eat!