Monday, July 22, 2013

The "Sweet Tooth" and "Cote's Market" at Lisbon and Water Streets (Then and Now)

Thank you Cathy Shumaker Perrigo for sending this great old photo...According to Larry Freitas, it was called the Sweet Tooth and was owned by his grandfather Albino Freitas. After it closed, it was turned into a home where he first lived with his parents Dennis and Sharon Freitas.

In 2009, I shot the lower photo of the exterior of the old apartment building on the corner of Lisbon and Water Street and when they removed some of the stucco you can see that at one time it was Cote's grocery store..

July 27, 2013 more history from Sharon Freitas:

Some history about the Sweet Tooth
:   This small 3 room building on the corner of Lisbon and Water Street was built in the late 1940s (probably 1946 or 47) to be an Ice Cream Parlor.  Albino Freitas, Sn. owned the 3 lots on this corner and he thought his six children might want to have a family business.  The actual carpenter work was done by Uncle Tony Pinto who built several houses in the old town of Bryte.

Unfortunately, the children after high school got jobs in Sacramento and/or joined the armed services, so the Sweet Tooth was closed until 1957.  The youngest son, Dennis had gotten married to a Bryte girl (related to the Lee Family) and needed an apartment.  Uncle Tony created 4 rooms out of the 3 original rooms and the newlyweds moved in.  When they had 2 children and awaiting a third, they were able to move into the bigger house behind the Sweet Tooth on Water Street.  "Pia" Freitas then rented the small house out as a rental. 

Early photos show the Portuguese tile roof which was always part of Uncle Tony Pinto's projects but in the early 2009, the new owner of the property replaced the hand made tiles with a standard asphlat tile roofing. 

Some history about Cote's Market:  The second photo on the Blogspot was of the very old market built by the Cote Family who were from Russia.  The spelling on the blogspot (Cody's) was incorrect.    This Russian family were very involved in the early russian settlement in Bryte and were the key backers to have the beautiful Russian Church called "Myhrr Bearing Women Church" built where Hobson Avenue crosses Water Street.  There are several historical accounts of this family and since they lived across the street from Albino Freitas, Sn,, family, they were very good friends.  The Cote's daughter was a close friend of Mary Freitas, participated with Mary at the 1951 San Pedro Annual Festival and also was a bridesmaid at Mary's wedding.    The younger Freitas sons have told stories about how they just went over to Cote's and got great fresh food, pickles, etc. and just had to say - "Put it on Pia's bill".  

The market was closed for many years and about 2/3 years ago, it was remodeled into apartments.  When the work was being done, the sign under the window in your recent photo clearly read "Cote's Market - Groceries".

If you are interested in more history and actual researched facts, the San Pedro Association established in 1922 in Bryte has a small collection put together for their "History Walkabout"  -  a copy costs $5.00 - let me know if you wish a copy or two.

Thank you for including Bryte in your West Sacramento Blogspot.....those of us native born in Bryte still called it Bryte but we are beginning to appreciate the City of West Sacramento for all the good work they are doing.