Sunday, October 14, 2007

Holy Myrrhbearing Women Church

This Russian Orthodox Church on Water Street in Bryte was founded in 1925. Women played a major role in the building of the Church--they were not only involved with fundraising, but also the actual construction of the building; hence the name Holy Myrrbearing Women Church to honor these women. Photo by Debbie.

All services are generally served in Slavonic. The church choir generally sings in Slavonic and uses various chants during the worship service. Dates of Feasts are according to the Julian Calendar.

The church is on the list of Historical Sites and Buildings in West Sacramento.


joy said...

Very interesting structure. Been a while since I've seen churches built this way.

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Chris said...

I used to live on 621 Water street and I have seen that church everyday. It looks like they fixed it up. Looks good.