Saturday, October 6, 2007

West Capital Raceway Monument

This commemorative monument on West Capital Avenue marks the location of the old West Capital Raceway.

The "Capital Speedway" first opened its gates to the public on Sunday, May 25, 1947 and was located on a 40 acre site at 4200 West Capitol Avenue. Photo by Christy


Anonymous said...

I spent many a Saturday night at Capital Speedway watching my uncle, Clyde "Fireball" "the Camel" Casto race the likes of Wally Baker, Larry Burton, Johnny Brazil and Paul Michaels. Uncle Clyde succumbed to cancer October 7, 2005.

sprint2r said...

I raced motorcycles at the track in 1960 or 61. Friday nights then we trucked down to Selma Speedway near Fresno for a Saturday night TT race. Wheelyed off the line at start and whack the fence. Drove a nice long splinter into my right arm that lead to an ambulance ride after I finished the race though !
Rich Ruef BSA mounted