Monday, October 8, 2007

Neighbors Fair: Red Rooster VolksWaffle

Waffles are my grandsons favorite food, and we entered a new appreciation for that delicate treat when we tried the Red Rooster Waffle at the Neighbors Fair. Photo by Barbara.

According to the waffle-makers, Marc Van Mieghem and Michelle Salata, the VolksWaffle is characterized by a special sugar that melts within, and caramelizes on, the waffle when baked. And they are delicious!


Debbie Doo said...

These waffles are to die for! With powdered sugar & cinnamon added on top, they taste like a churro/donut delicacy!

Christy said...

The waffles were made with a yeast dough, rather than a batter. Just amazing!

Jose said...

These waffles, made with dough (not batter) are very much like the waffeln / gauffres I love so in Belgium! Marc and Michelle, dank je wel / merci beaucoup for bringing these to the wild West!