Sunday, November 25, 2007

Barge Canal Access Now Open

These fishermen were enjoying the beautiful weather the day after Thanksgiving. The Barge Canal Access recreational area on Jefferson Boulevard is now open and offers a boat launch for non-motorized boats, bank fishing, picnic area and walking path for bird and people watching.

Photos by Barbara

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Anonymous said...

After years of curiosity and finally getting my own kayak, I finally took a paddle in the barge canal. I went at about 1:00pm on a Tuesday afternoon. I paddled down toward the locks as I have always been curious.

I was shocked at how gross the water is. It's green, smelly and there is a lot of trash and foamy gross stuff in the water.

Seeing people along the shore fishing, and seeing how nasty the water is, I can't imagine eating anything from that water.

Did I come to paddle at the wrong time of day?

I'd be interested in what kayaker have to say about their experience out there. went from the locks to way out past the port to where the canal curves to the left. I'm guessing about 2 miles from the Palamidessi Bridge