Monday, March 3, 2008

Up a Lazy "Sacramento" River

On the River Road on the way to Woodland last week. I would say that some of the river-folks have a pretty nice life style. Photo by Barbara.

Up the Lazy River
as sung by the Mills Brothers
Lyrics by: Sidney Arnondin

Up a lazy river by the old mill stream
That lazy, hazy river where we both can dream
Linger in the shade of an old oak tree
Throw away your troubles, dream a dream with me

Up a lazy river where the robins song
Wakes up in the mornin, as we roll along
Blue skies up above ....everyones in love
Up a lazy river, how happy we will be, now
Up a lazy river with me


christyjourdan said...

This reminds me of Summer - thank you for that!

Debbie Doo said...

Summer is I can't wait for the summer concert series at River Walk Park!

Ben said...

Thanks for comment on Water Wheel

About the B&W,
Not to afraid for converting your colour image. I always shoot colour and later converted to the B&W. There is many way to do this and some are not good same are excellent method. I'll post link to forum if I comes up something very easy to follow, mean time google is our friend.