Monday, March 31, 2008

Community Lutheran Church in West Sacramento

Community Lutheran Church on Jackson and Drever Street in West Sacramento. Our family was members of this church for many years and we have had many baptisms, confirmations, weddings and funerals officiated by the Pastors Fred Sapp, Larry Wyneken and Marjorie Beach. ~ Photo by Debbie.


Eve said...

I'm curious who the Debbie is who took this picture. My family was members of this church for many years, and members of Immanuel Lutheran before it merged with this congregation, during which time, Larry Wyneken came over from Immanuel and became pastor of the combined congregation.

Debbie Doo said...

It was me, Debbie Norton-Johnson. My grandparents were Frank & Elsie Norton and I grew up at Community Lutheran. I was very young during the time of Pastor Wyneken but remember him well.

Eve said...

Oh, I remember the Nortons! Sort of, but I was young myself. I was the same grade as Pastor Wyneken's daughter Becky, and we graduated from Marshall High in 1974. I was in college when Pastor Beach came to Community Lutheran. I last saw her when she officiated at my father's funeral in 1997. Larry Wyneken also came to the service. My mother still lives in town. Our last name is Westvik. I like looking at this site!