Monday, October 13, 2008

Oak Tree in the Road

This beautiful old oak tree at Lisbon and Todhunter is a north side landmark.
At one time the street dead-ended at the tree...and now the City has created a nice
"island mini-park" that enables thru-traffic.


Jackie said...

I'm glad they managed to go round it and didn't feel they had to chop it down - it's a real beauty!

KT said...

Hey West Sac. Can you believe how hot it still is. Love this photo cause I love that tree. A few years ago I went to American River College and drove through W. Sac almost every day. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. Have only been at it for a few week and am enjoying it.
KT at

Jana said...

That is great they left the tree there.

Barbara said...

Sad to report that our old oak tree has been removed.. Reports say it was diseased and then a car hit it a few weeks ago causing more stress to it.. Lots of emotions are being shared about the removal.. For some it is matter-of-fact and for some it has been like losing a dear friend..