Monday, January 4, 2010

A Californian's Christmas in Minnesota

Joan Barber sends these photos from icy Minnesota. Joan said "as a West Sacramento resident the first thing I thought this morning when they announced it was minus 17 degrees was ...."What the heck am I doing here?" :)

Back to California on Monday thank goodness!!


Debbie Doo said...

I got a shiver of cold through my bones looking at these snowy pictures! Sure pretty to look at but I would never survive such sold winters! Thanks for sharing your pictures,Joan!

Eve said...

Minnesota is our original home. A few years back, my parents decided to go back for Christmas to visit family there. I said heck no, I wasn't going with them. There's just no telling what the weather would be like. Turns out, they had 40 degrees Christmas day and it was colder in Sacramento, down to freezing, where I spent Christmas with cousins.