Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Chase...following the route of tire tracks and destruction

11th and Park

West Acre Road 11th Street

Meadow Road and Longcroft Street

We followed the chase trail and took these photos showing the destruction and damage to property in the West More Oaks area that occurred during a high speed police chase in the early morning hours of December 30, 2009. See article on WestSacWeb for more info.


Eve said...

I see that house at 11th and Park all the time. My mom is just up the street so I pass it driving to her house. She called me around 7am worried about what was going on, and could hear sirens and helecopters through the early morning.

PJ Bonfield said...

Drove right across my yard @ 11th and Meadow ... luckily my Impatients were there ... though they did miss the beds. I really don't get why cops have to chase them? They will catch them in the end one way or the other.

PJ Bonfield said...

Great journalistic effort! Did the local paper have this detailed an account? Nice job!

Eve said...

I asked my mom yesterday if she had been out and about and seen this damage yet down at Park and 11th. She said she would look for it on her way home from Safeway. She called me later, laughing, because she said as she drove up Park toward Westacre, right at 11th, that blue and silver vehicle (at Longcroft and Meadow in the pictures) passed by her coming the other way on Park toward Jefferson. She said she never would have noticed it if she hadn't just seen these pictures.