Monday, January 25, 2010

West Capitol Avenue After Dark

These great shots of West Capitol Avenue after dark were shot by David Kamminga.


Eve said...

Any chance David could tell us what kind of settings he used to take these pictures?

David The Hammer said...

Yes Eve
I am very Happy to share my settings.
When I get home tonight, I will look at the photos and see what my settings were and post here.

I have alot of other photos on my blogspot page as well.
I love sharing them. It is great.

Photography is one of my top 2 favorite hobbies. (playing music is other)

David The Hammer said...

First shot of Motel signs
f/22 Shutter 0.5sec ISO-100
50mm focal length

Front of Bowling Alley
f/16 Shutter 1.3sec ISO-100
30mm focal length

300 Room Sign
f/16 Shutter 0.5sec ISO-100
55mm focal length

All were taken with canon 18-55 zoom lens.