Friday, January 1, 2010

The Lineup at West Capital Raceway

Thank you Brenda Anderson for sharing these wonderful photos of old West Capital Speedway/Raceway and the monument the WCRA Alumni erected in memory of the race track that was the fastest quarter mile dirt track west of the Mississippi. Per Brenda, "lots of very famous drivers raced there in its day" including her husband Johnny Anderson, the driver in most of the cars in these photos.


Eve said...

We lived about a mile down the road from there and it certainly did create a lot of noise on Saturday nights.

Anonymous said...

i have 4 programs 1969 it was back in the day

Debi Sanghera said...

Hi, I'm looking for copies of photographs of my father, from Sacramento West Capital Raceway dating from probably about 1969 to 1975, Bob Weddle, stock car racing & also the Figure 8 racing. He was also involved in several destruction Derbies and some races in Penn Valley. He passed away in 1975 and due to some unfortunate circumstances our pictures were stolen from out family. I would be ever so grateful to anyone that could provide me with copies. I'd be happy to have them emailed or even posted so I could download them. Thanks!